10 Best Restaurants in German Village

10 Best Restaurants in German Village

  • Wayne Woods
  • 10/13/21

Built by German settlers in the 1820s, the historic neighborhood of German Village is known for its vibrant culture and rich history. Located south of downtown Columbus, this district is filled with charming brick architecture and beautiful homes. It is filled with exquisite nature centers, bird sanctuaries, and carefully maintained parks. These places provide the perfect way to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and have a fantastic day in the great outdoors. 

Made up of 230 acres, German Village offers a plethora of exciting things to do for both residents and tourists alike. You and your friends can have fun as you discover Schiller Park, boutiques shops, and relaxed breweries. As you explore this stunning district, make sure you stop by the many wonderful coffee shops, candy shops, and cafes. Known for its abundance of delicious cuisine, German Village offers a simply fabulous selection of top-notch dining options. 

1. Comune 

Featuring plant-forward meals, Commune offers a wide variety of delicious dinner options. On the menu, you and your party can discover items like the Chilled Noodle Bowl, Orange Turnips, and much more! There is also a compelling wine and dessert menu as well. 

Whether you are coming here for a date with your significant other or a special night out with your family, you will be thrilled by the delicious and diverse food here. Each of these wonderful dishes is made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Because of this, you can rest assured that everything you enjoy here is of the highest quality. This amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurant is open Wednesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm, and reservations are highly recommended. 

2. Lindey’s

Are you ready to be amazed? If so, come to the corner restaurant and bar affectionately called Lindey's. Here you and your party can enjoy an elegant meal together. With its sparkling and gorgeous outdoor patio, this is a great place to gather for amazing cocktails and an outstanding dinner. You will be delighted by the diverse array of items on the menu such as salmon, lamb, and burgers. 

Each of these dishes is freshly made with the most flavorful of ingredients. Additionally, each dish is intricately arranged in a beautiful and precise manner. Trust us, you will want to take pictures of these entrees to capture their sheer perfection! Each is photo-worthy, and what’s more, absolutely delicious. To finish your stellar meal on a sweet note, you can choose from a fine selection of fantastic desserts. There is key lime pie, apple pudding, and much more. 

3. Chapmans Eat Market

When you walk through the doors at Chapmans Eat Market, you will be greeted by the professional and friendly staff. This pristine and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy an amazing meal with your loved ones. Not only can you create cherished memories and spend quality time together, you can also experience incredibly flavorful food and stellar service here. 

The menu is filled with delicious items such as the Sprouted Grain Salad, Braised Duck Leg, or the Smashed Cucumbers. With their scrumptious appetizers and refreshing drinks, you will discover your appetite satisfied in no time! Additionally, there are tasty hamburgers and ice cream cones topped with colorful sprinkles. This is a great outing to enjoy with your significant other or kids. 

Chapman’s is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Walk-ins and reservations are welcome. You can go to their website today to make your reservation for this amazing experience! 

4. Sycamore 

Whether it is meeting up with friends for coffee or a dinner outing with colleagues, Sycamore is the restaurant for you! During the mornings, stop in the cafe for a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a pastry hot from the oven. The afternoon and evening hours offer an exciting array of menu items for a classic meal. 

With everything from the delicious Sycamore Burger to the colorful Sycamore Village Salad, you are certain to find something that is simply scrumptious here! Surrounded by the brick walls and warm atmosphere, this is the perfect place to enjoy an amazing dinner with your loved ones and make cherished memories together. Go to the website today to make your reservation for this great dining experience! 

5. Fox in the Snow

There’s no better place to stop for coffee and baked goods in German Village than Fox in the Snow! This delightful bakery and coffee shop prides itself on its rustic style and hand-poured drinks, featuring a menu of decadent treats like blueberry scones, buttermilk biscuits with housemade jam, and even a seasonal pumpkin cake! No matter which way you take your coffee, you’ll be delighted by the choices at Fox in the Snow; select from an espresso, mocha, latte, cappuccino, pour over coffee, or for the non-coffee drinkers, try a hot chocolate or chai.

6. Pistacia Vera 

Open 7 am to 3 pm, Pistacia Vera specializes in amazing coffee, as well as brunch and lunch options. Here you can enjoy Mushroom Quiche, Chocolate Fudge Cookies, or the Fresh Lemon Tart. With their array of exquisite, delicious desserts and pastries, Pistacia Vera offers guests a simply splendid experience in all things sweet. Whether you are coming here for the cappuccino or the cookie, you will be thrilled by what you discover here! 

7. Katzinger's Delicatessen

In 1984, the award-winning Katzinger's Delicatessen officially began. It started out as a deli, and it turned into a restaurant with a deli. Here, guests can order from a variety of meats, cheeses, and sandwiches. All the bread is freshly made from the absolute best ingredients. 

With its home-cooked-style meals and inviting atmosphere, this is the perfect spot for a top-notch dining experience. Discover an exciting variety of items on the menu such as the tuna salad sandwich called Mimi’s Melody or the hot pastrami Ari’s Open Door sandwich. From their delicious sandwiches to the hot soup, this is a great place to enjoy a filling meal and leave refreshed for whatever is next. There is also a diverse selection of bagels and a kid menu with fun options to appease the whole family. 

8. Skillet

Priding themselves on “rustic, urban food,” Skillet is a farm-to-table restaurant that turns comfort food classics into true culinary experiences. With a menu dictated by the seasons, you’ll always find something to love when having a meal at Skillet. Located in a gorgeous, two-story brick building, Skillet features delicious brunch items like stone ground grits with white cheddar, huevos rancheros, and decadent French toast. You can also purchase signature products from Skillet, like their chipotle and Ohio maple Skillet Hot Sauce, the Skillet Cast Iron Coffee, or the Mad Sweet Heat Relish.

9. Valters at the Maennerchor

Valters features the absolute best in German food and beer with a modern American spin to its various dishes. With unique flavors and the freshest ingredients, this high-quality dining establishment prides itself on providing guests with amazing food and a memorable experience they can share together. 

Guests can walk into this classy restaurant and easily feel right at home. There is an assortment of menu items to choose from such as Corned Beef and Cabbage, Bier Cheese Soup, and much more! Additionally, their delectable happy hour takes place Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm. This is the perfect chance to kick back and relax with friends after a long day of work. You can enjoy a refreshing drink and swap stories about your week. 

This is the idyllic Saturday morning brunch spot or gathering place for birthdays and festive celebrations. Here you and your family can enjoy scrumptious desserts and savory food. Come to Valters to eat to your heart’s content and make memories with the people you love!

10. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

If you want to embrace the culture of German Town, this is the place for you! Voted ‘the official best food of Columbus,’ Schmidt’s Sausage Haus is a dining experience you simply won’t want to miss! You can find everything from the Famous Pretzel Nuggets to Original Potato Soup. Don’t forget the sausage platters and cabbage rolls! Whatever you choose to order, you will be thrilled by the exciting and diverse menu selection here. 

This 5th-generation business prides itself on its warm aesthetic, mouth-watering food, and easy-to-access locations. You can enjoy the amazing cuisine at their multiple locations, including the on-site restaurant and the legendary food truck. Plus, their online store features a variety of the favorite crowd-pleasers such as the Summer Cookout Box, Jumbo Bratwurst Pack, or the Ultimate Sausage Lovers Box. These are some fun ways to enjoy an easy meal from home, and take the experience of Schmidt’s Sausage Haus with you. 

Also, if you are looking for a great restaurant to cater your event, look no further! With their delicious food and professional staff, having a meal catered from here will be fabulous and hassle-free. Whether you are craving Oma’s Meatloaf or Chicken Schnitzel, you will be happy you decided to dine here! 

If you are looking to explore German Village real estate, contact Wayne Woods today. As an expert in homes for sale in the German Village area, he and his professional team will walk you through the house buying process and help you find your perfect dream home. 

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