The Four Best Parks in Columbus

The Four Best Parks in Columbus

  • Wayne Woods
  • 04/14/22
Have you ever given directions to someone in your city and used a community park as a navigational point of reference? Do your children become extremely excited if you inform them it is time to go to the park? Does your furry friend jump at the door, doing circles, when you say it is time to visit friends at the dog park? Community green spaces give urban dwellers opportunities for much-needed connection with each other, nature, and fresh air. Parks become ingrained in daily life, and from the playground to biking, they add tremendous value to the lifestyle of those near them.

One of the reasons parks are so well utilized in urban areas is the desire people have for nature. Trees and greenery calm the mind and relax the body. Outdoor spaces inspire creativity and energize the soul. The pandemic forced many people to stay locked indoors with little access to outdoor spaces and caused serious issues with emotionally managing stress. Outdoor spaces have moved up on the wish list for homebuyers searching for their next purchase. The feel of sunshine on your face, fresh air blowing from the trees, and the sound of children on the playground generate a strong emotion of comfort.

There are countless parks in the greater Columbus area, giving residents opportunities to explore and enjoy outdoor recreation. Parks are scattered throughout the city and into the suburban areas outside of the city. Walking trails, waterway access, outdoor exercise facilities, and playgrounds are just a few things available to residents when visiting the Columbus area parks.

Columbus, like many cities, is made up of small neighborhoods within the larger geographical area of the city. When living in a city, exploring these neighborhoods is half the fun of urban living. Each neighborhood has its own vibe, personal stories, and best-kept secrets. There may be a hidden gem of a restaurant that many tourists are not aware of or a secret garden that is tucked away in an alley. Neighborhoods allow locals to develop a community, and the parks are part of that community.

German Village Neighborhood

One of the most charming neighborhoods in Columbus, the German Village Neighborhood is quaint, historic, homey, and full of entertainment all at the same time. German village homes for sale give residents access to restored brick buildings dating back to the 1800s alongside shopping, dining, and exploring. The streets allow residents to easily stroll between businesses located in the neighborhood and take in the amazing historic architecture along the way. This neighborhood also has great access to green spaces. There are three parks within walking distance of German Village homes for sale that are well worth exploring.

Frank Fetch Park

A dedicated work of love has created a beautiful space for the community to enjoy. The ground that Frank Fetch Park is currently on once had a salt-box house that was in disrepair. The house was removed to make way for this “pocket-park” representing a mere 0.2 acres of space within the neighborhood. A great deal of change has transpired from the original plan to today, with the result giving the community a spectacular area for everyone to enjoy. There continues to be a great deal of love and manual labor put into the park by various local community organizations. If you are searching for German Village homes for sale and have an interest in creating outdoor garden spaces, this may be a park you want to explore.

Schiller Park

The urban legend of the missing umbrella girl is a story that includes a young German girl, an umbrella, and the goddess of youth, Hebe. The story fills this park with history, art, and a missing statue mystery decades unsolved. Beyond the story, the park contains spectacular gardens and a promenade that circles the gardens. Visits to the park will reawaken your connection to nature with tours of the Huntington Gardens, where you can reflect on words from historians, philosophers, and poets.

Short North District

Cafes and galleries line the muraled streets of the Short North District. Considered the art hub of the city, this neighborhood has a hip and contemporary vibe. Short North real estate shapes the streets of the Victorian Village with grand Victorian homes and the Italian Village with reimagined loft spaces located in old industrial buildings. Short North real estate within the Victorian Village showcases steeply pitched roofs, pointed arches, large dormers, and expansive porches, which create outstanding architectural interest for everyone.

Goodale Park

Views of the Columbus skyline are the main attraction of Goodale Park, located at the center of the Victorian Village. Goodale Park is said to be the oldest park in Columbus. The land once belonged to Dr. Lincoln Goodale, who donated the land to the city of Columbus in 1868. The donation required that the land would always be used as a park. Today, the park is full of activities and natural beauty. Gardens, walking trails, playgrounds, and sporting activities allow the residents of the area to become immersed in their community.

Upper Arlington

The spectacular park system in Columbus does not end within the city limits. Upper Arlington is a suburb just a short fifteen-minute drive northwest of the city limits, and the entire community feels like a park — partially because it was originally designed as a Garden City. Upper Arlington condos are adorned with grassy areas, gardens, and lofty trees. Within the park-like community, there are amazing public parks and green spaces offering golf, tennis, and all-around fun for everyone.

Northam Park

Is tennis your outdoor recreational activity of choice? The tennis complex at Northam Park will be your new favorite location. Tournaments, friendly games, and social events are common in the very active tennis community located in the Upper Arlington area. Beyond tennis, the park is a beautiful setting with swimming pools, art, and large grassy areas for your pleasure.

All over the world, people gravitate toward outdoor spaces. Columbus area parks create an environment for communities to grow by purposefully dedicating usable and comfortable parks for everyone. If you want to live near these wonderful places, reach out to trusted local agent Wayne Woods for expert assistance.

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